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The Maze Runner | Full Movie (2014) | Watch Online Stream

The Maze Runner Full Movie

Release Year:2014
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genres:Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Production Company:20th Century Fox, The Gotham Group
Production Countries:United States of America
Director:Wess Ball
Cast:Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Patricia Clarkson, Ki Hong Lee, Chris Sheffield, Blake Cooper, Aml Ameen, Jacob Latimore, Dexter Darden, Don McManus, Cazi Greene, Joe Adler, Michael Bow and others

The Maze Runner Full Movie Development

The Maze Runner is an American film based on a best-selling Novel written by James Dashner in 2009. The book is named same as the movie itself – “The Maze Runner”. The Movie was first time announced in 2011 that the famous novel is going to be brought to screens and set up by Fox. Around a year later the book author has stated that the film script has been written and ready. Few months later, Fox has announced that The Maze Runner will be directed by Wess Ball who is known for his other works such as Beginners (2010), A Work in Progress (2002) and so on… After that director has announced who will be starring the main movie characters. What is more film was stated to have a PG-13 rating. Talking about the filming, it took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it lasted slightly more than a year as it was officially ended in July, 2013. The Maze Runner full movie was produced by Ellen Goldsmith-Vein. She was nominated for an Emmy Award for TV Series Creature Comforts. All things considered, Wess Ball has stated that everything is taken of highest care to ensure viewers satisfaction even if watching The Maze Runner Online!

The Maze Runner Online Storyline

The action takes place when one of the main characters named Thomas wakes up in an elevator. He doesn’t remember anything except of his name. He has to emerge into a world which is located in the maze and consist of group of boys. They all live in completely enclosed environment thus they must learn to live using only their skills and self-made supplies. Every 30 days a new boy comes to the group. They are stuck in “The Glade” for more than two years. The maze is isolated from outer world. Boys are trying to escape but all they remember are some mysterious dreams about strange organization W.C.K.D. However, one day a comatose girl arrives carrying a strange note. After that, world in the Maze changes drastically, Thomas is sure that the boys will finally escape the nightmarish maze…

The Maze Runner Main Characters

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What Are Critics Thoughts About The Maze Runner Full Movie?

Despite the fact that the film is just freshly released, it has managed to achieve great results among known critics evaluations. On one of the most popular online movie database- IMDB.COM The Maze Runner online score is fascinating 8.5 out of 10 and that is fair result as the movie itself has to show you a lot, it’s not traditional piece of film made in order to get highest possible profit, it has something more. Anyway, on Rotten Tomatoes the movie is marked as rotten as it scored only 50% “fresh” reviews. There might be various reason for such a low percentage of fresh reviews. Anyway, as time passes by it will probably increase to roughly 60 to 70 percent. Talking about another movie critics website Metacritic, their critics judgement is clear yet. Thus, overall, is it worth to watch The Maze Runner Full Movie Online? I think the answer is more than not surprising. Of course it is worth watching as it has to offer you way more than expected!

However, after watching The Maze Runner full movie our team has formed our own opinion about this film so we would like to state our brief review about it. The main thing that we‘ve noticed is that it‘s absolutely targeted to teen audience. That can be clearcly seen by the movie crew. They are young, photogenic and mainly they are perfect cast to attract teenagers attention. That‘s the main reason why it‘s meant to work well on young audience. The movie is thrilling full of mysterious and dangerous situations and that totally engages viewer and even make you feel involved into the whole story. Right just from the beginning the movie isn‘t messing around and starts already in action. What is more, feeling between Glader are conveyed very realistically and that makes film‘s atmosphere even hotter. That a sign that movie Director Wel Ball handled his work very well and managed to keep the right tone. Additionaly, story is enriched with a spito f romance between two of the main characters. From the whole movie plot we have fairly many hints that we‘ll probably have another movie part- sequel or even whole trilogy. Not to reveal too many things, we would like to say that this movie is really well constructed and would be a properly spent two hours for every teenage movie fan. To sum up, you should definately take your chance and watch the maze runner online!

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