How To Learn Computer Programming

In this article I will show you how to become a programmer without going to college. You can learn computer programming in your own home and begin an entry level programming job. College is a wise choice, but if you cannot afford to spend a lot of time in college before you begin your software developer career, you can study programming from experienced developers or from programming textbooks, training courses and or mentoring programs.

What Qualifications or Degrees Are Needed?
The answer to the question what qualifications or degrees are need could depend on what type of programming job you are trying to get. In general, prospective employers are really looking for people who have the ability to write efficient code over your computer programming qualifications or degree. Job hunting is always a job in itself, but if you know where to look there are many jobs in the programming job market that do not require a computer science degree or special qualification.

What Do Hiring Managers Want?
It’s very important to figure out what each employer wants from you when looking for a programming job. The consensus is that employers want to see well rounded software development skills. They expect computer programmers to be able to design and develop software applications using efficient high quality code. Whether you learned how to program from home or were taught in college or a correspondence training course, hiring managers want you to apply your development skills to solve real business problems.

Learn a Top Paying Computer Programming Skill and Get a Tech Job Easily
In any job market, no matter what type of job you are trying to get, having knowledge and experience with a particular skill can get you a job relating to that skill. Programming is not any different, if you have working knowledge of programming and experience programming you can get a job programming. Knowledge of programming can be gained from many sources. College is the first source that comes to mind, but the alternatives are to learn programming on your own or from a subject matter expert. Now days, you can read up on just about anything on the internet and it’s free; but you should probably invest in many different programming books that go into more detail so you can advance your skill level. Programming experience doesn’t strictly have to be from a previous job you have had. You can gain experience working with software development tools or from hands on training.

How to Learn Programming and Get Hired without a College Diploma
You will need to show your prospective employer that even without a college degree you are an asset to anyone who hires you. Emphasize your software development skills and the applications you have designed. Show that you have programming knowledge and experience using the programming languages that the employer is looking for. In order to get the same job that people with a college degree are trying to get; you will need to show the prospective employer that you are just as knowledgeable. Talk about the books you have read and the list of programming projects you have worked on. Tell about any web sites you have designed or project you plan to work on in the future. Overall, show the hiring manager that you can solve real world programming problems.