The State Of The Aerospace Industry In The United Kingdom

As one of the biggest industries in the United Kingdom, the aerospace industry has expanded to a point where it is respected around the world. Companies like Airbus, BAE System, and the VT Group are creating commercial airliners, defense vehicles, and communication systems that ensure the efficiency of travel and defense in the United Kingdom. In fact, the British aerospace industry is the second largest in the world, behind the United States. The industry’s growth over the last decade is demonstrated by the increased hiring of new personnel by British aerospace companies. There are currently 120,000 aerospace professionals in the United Kingdom, which is about an eight percent increase over levels in 2001.

There are more than 700 aerospace companies alone in the United Kingdom, ranging from small aerospace consulting firms to giants like Airbus which have roots on five continents. The United Kingdom’s vast roster of aerospace businesses developed nearly a century ago, with Samuel Franklin Cody’s flight in Hampshire in 1908. Smaller local companies in the United Kingdom spend their time developing small fixed wing vehicles for charter flights. Larger companies, typically covering Europe, North America, and Asia, delve into defense contracting, commercial development, and other subsidiary interests.

The four billion pounds of annual revenue for the British aerospace industry come not only from principal airplane and space developments but the aforementioned subsidiary interests. There are a variety of developments that originated in the aerospace industry, particularly in space flight, that have improved the quality of living for millions of people around the world. Innovations in telecommunications and computer software have meant faster computers, less expensive cell phones, and the promise of great innovation down the road. From comfortable passenger seating to intuitive control consoles, the British aerospace industry has increased technological capabilities across many industries.

Perhaps the best way for workers interested in the aerospace industry to break into a great new job is through the various apprenticeship programs offered by aerospace companies. Smaller companies offer apprenticeships that offer low financial incentives but can lead to a more individualized experience. Larger companies offer great apprenticeship schemes that are akin to low paying entry level jobs while fast tracking exceptional employees to mid-level positions. The company’s reliance on apprenticeships and other connections to young talent means that it is ensuring the defense and security of the United Kingdom for years to come. The state of the aerospace industry in the United Kingdom is solid for the next generation of engineers.