Top 10 Benefits Of Natural Dentistry

Holistic medicine is an increasingly popular philosophy amongst people from all walks of life. Natural dentistry brings this philosophy to dental practice. It integrates alternative treatments with conventional dental science to balance patients’ dental health with their comprehensive physical wellbeing.

Top 10 Benefits of Natural Dentistry

1) Natural dentistry will help you prevent problems before they happen. Natural dentists focus on preventive dentistry and helping you help yourself. While many dentists concentrate on discovering and repairing oral illnesses, natural dentistry emphasizes prevention over intervention.

2) Natural dentistry will save you money. Natural dentistry exercises an approach to oral health that avoids unnecessary procedures and, seeks to perform necessary procedures in the least invasive way possible. In essence – less is more.

3) Natural dentistry will help improve your body’s overall health. Because natural dentistry focuses on the body as a singular entity, natural dentists make educating their patients regarding diet and home care a priority. A natural dentist will advise you as to how to care for your body as a whole, versus the traditional method of focusing solely on your mouth.

4) Natural dentistry is healthier. Natural dentists use only materials that are known to be safe and nontoxic. With natural dentistry you can be confident that only mercury free, naturally compatible materials are being used in your mouth.

5) Natural dentistry fits your lifestyle. Because natural dentists make it a priority to identify and acknowledge patients’ histories, concerns and needs, a natural dentist will fashion you a complete treatment plan compatible with your individual lifestyle.

6) Natural dentistry is better for your peace of mind. Natural dentists take a holistic approach to medicine – their office ambiance is often more peaceful and relaxing than a traditional dentist’s office. Some natural dentists use relaxation techniques such as aromatherapy, acupressure, herbal remedies, and meditation exercise along with conventional methods to help reduce your apprehension and stress associated with dental treatments. Natural dentists believe this positive approach can change your perception about dental visits – inevitably making you more likely to make those visits regular.

7) Natural dentistry keeps you involved with your treatments. The heart of natural dentistry is patient involvement. Keeping you informed about your condition, treatment and options are a natural dentist’s mission. Your natural dentist will take the time to explain to you what is going on in your mouth, how it is affecting your body, and what you can do to improve your overall wellness.

8) Natural dentistry is centered on you and your needs. Not only do natural dentists use only safe and non-toxic materials, they will also be more in tuned to your past medical history, allergies and preferences. Being on the same page as their patients is of utmost importance to natural dentists. A natural dentist will take the extra time necessary to be sure that they are attuned to their patient’s needs and expectations.

9) Natural dentistry focuses on prevention – your greatest advantage against future health problems and unnecessary expenses. Many natural dentists will give you a thorough diagnostic exam when you first walk through their doors – as well as a complete explanation of your diagnosis. Most insurance companies cover preventive dentistry 100%. Prevention is the heart of natural dentistry, which makes it your best and most economical means of maintaining excellent oral health.

10) Choosing natural dentistry is the best decision for your overall person. Natural dentistry’s goal is to better your entire wellbeing, improving your appearance and self-image with the least invasive, healthiest methods possible. Natural dentistry will help you shine from the inside, out.